Amal’s Death in a Disguise

Amal’s Death in a Disguise

No one can breath beyond his fixed time of death or life and we, as Muslims, have firm belief on the biggest reality of life – the Death. Going out with family for enjoyment and getting stuck by bullet can be a coincidence or a bad luck. But pathetic behaviour of hospital administration and staff to the moribund is likely to bring a dying gasp.
The staff of National Medical centre should have care about the little angel. War Crimes in Independent Pakistan:

Is it not scornful that when a bullet riddle patient is drove to hospital. The doctors and staff either worry about payments or police involvement in the case as in the case of Amal, a 10 year old who succumbed to the cold-blooded attitude of medical staff and police. It’s totally up to doctor or public officials on duty that if they had a soft-corner in thy heart to perform their duties in good spirits or just to make lame excuses. It has not been so long that a doctor in Europe was to face the investigations for his non-professional attitude towards the stratured patient. The doctor was likely to make fool of patient’s illness for which hospital authorities issued a public apology as well. The situation in Pakistan is so worrisome that none of us feels accountable for disregarding people and to send them into dismay by not doing timely service. The doctors whether working in public or private clinics should be handed down with sentence for not following SOPs while on duty. There must be standard operating procedures in first place for doctors and other civil servants and these SOPs should be made public for awareness of masses. The complainants should be lodged against criminal negligence on the part of on duty officials and other staffers. A mere suspension from duty is insufficient as the loss caused by such professional negligence is irreplaceable and irreparable especially when it comes to life of people. It is high time to understand where we are heading as a society on the whole?

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