Al Jazeeera Office In Gaza Destroyed By Israeli Air Strike Aiming To Prevent The Ground Reporting Of Truth

“This channel will not be silenced. Al-Jazeera will not be silenced,” Al Jazeera Anchorperson reiterates in a live broadcast as the 12-story building housing Al Jazeera and other news offices in Gaza.

A building that has housed Al Jazeera’s office in the Gaza Strip has just been hit by an Israeli airstrike totally demolishing the structure. Images showed the building crashing to the ground after being bombed as dust and debris flew into the air.

Residents of the building, which also houses The Associated Press bureau, had been warned of the strike an hour prior. The building also housed the residential blocks the residents of which would now be homeless.

“The tower has come down,” the anchorwoman said in the live video aired from Al Jazeera. “Whenever you see journalists doing live updates from Gaza, they’re usually standing on the roof of that building which has now been flattened by an airstrike by the Israeli military,” she added.

“This channel will not be silenced. Al-Jazeera will not be silenced,” the on-air anchorperson said. “We can guarantee you that right now.”

Israel is not only destroying the buildings in Gaza but the dreams of many in Palestine. By destroying media buildings, destroying residential blocks, schools, mosques, and other key places; Israel is trying to kill the aspirations of Palestine and their legitimate struggle.

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