A Regional Solution To Circumvent The Future Afghan Civil War


CIt is evident that the US and its allies are eager to distance themselves from the Afghanistan crisis making it tougher for the Afghan govt to confront the Taliban.

The latest province to come under the Taliban’s control has been Badghis as another meeting featuring both Taliban as well as Afghan govt. was taking place in Tehran.

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign minister Javed Zarif ensured that Iran will always facilitate the continuation of talks. Besides, PM Imran Khan also stressed that the regional allies can play a significant role in the continuation of intra-Afgan dialogue.

All these developments show that the regional states can play a more active role in ensuring peace in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops. Essentially, other states in the region do have concerns if chaos takes place in Afghanistan in the form of a heavy influx of refugees and terrorist attacks in the absence of a central authority in war-torn Afghanistan.

So there is a high time for these states to ensure harmony between various Afghan factions. These states share ethnic and religious affiliations with the groups that have high stakes in Afghan politics. Hence, it is hoped that efforts to come up with a regional solution to the Afghan crisis succeed in the future.

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