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Why Sweden is best place to be a woman?

Sweden has prioritized gender and women’s issues for years. Even its foreign policy is feminist. The country already enjoys high rankings on lists of the happiest, friendliest, most environmentally conscious countries worldwide. Right now Sweden is taking the lead in gender equality by adopting gender-neutral pronouns, sensitizing gender equality at primary levels of education, offering 480 days of parental leave, and much more.

Sweden’s foreign minister  Margot Wallstrom was first to introduce a feminist foreign policy in the country in 2014. In 2014, the country’s government became the first government to use the word “feminist” on its official website. Since then the nation even refers to itself as a feminist government. Gender equality is at the core of Sweden’s Government priorities and it maintains an unbiased approach in decision making as well as in resource distribution.

      What’s most distinguishing about the country is its generous policy of paid parental leave. Parents do get 480 days of leave to share time with the newborn. The paid parental leave policy equally applies to parents who adopt the children. The leave facility can be used until the child turns 8.

Adopting the gender-neutral pronoun is another adorable approach of the Swedish Government. The gender-neutral pronoun ‘hen’ was introduced into the Swedish culture years ago. Even many government-funded schools and pre-schools in the country are making efforts to counter the patriarchy and traditional gender roles. In this regard, teachers avoid referring to their students’ gender and don’t call them boys and girls. Teachers call them ‘friends’ instead. The playtime of students is also organized to avoid children from sorting themselves by gender.

The state’s policy objectives include women’s freedom from physical, psychological, and sexual violence. Sweden also prefers political participation and the influence of women in almost all areas. State prosecution of crimes against women is yet another bright reason why it is good to be a woman in Sweden.

Under the Swedish Act on Violence against Women, men can be sentenced for each instance of physical abuse or sexual and psychological degradation against a woman. Sweden also has one of the world’s highest proportions of female lawmakers. Women in the country occupied 161 of the 349 seats after the 2018 elections.

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