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Violence begets violence and this is happening right now in Kashmir

There is no iota of doubt in realizing the credibility of phrase which says: “violence begets violence.” Violence can kill a liar but not the lie and in a similar way, it can kill a hater but not the hate itself. Reacting brutally in response to inflicted violence is natural and instinctive.

If any person attempts to arrest one’s freedom, right to live, and right to speak then the reaction of the other person probably the victim would be understandable and he would react in his personal capacity if and when possible. Currently, the reports emerging from the valley of Kashmir highlighted the beating of unarmed civilians with rods, and cables, giving them electric shocks without letting them know the exact reason for the ordeal.

The Indian troops, reportedly, take away the Kashmiri youth whenever they want and inflict the severe possible harm on them leaving them with bruises, and other signs of torture imprinted on their bodies. There have been several reports regarding the midnight raid by Indian military troops at the houses ever since the stripping of Kashmir’s special status.

Not only Kashmiri youth is suffering from the ordeal but also the Kashmiri girls feel more vulnerable to Modi’s chauvinistic and ultra-nationalistic policies. Right away after the abrogation of territory’s special status, an Indian politician gave a sounding invitation to men to marry the fair Kashmiri girls.

Although there seems absolutely nothing wrong in that kind of decree but by looking at the endless sufferings of Kashmiris due to violence and harm inflicted against them during decades of their indigenous struggle for their right of self-determination and freedom this kind of lust for Kashmiri women is likely to humiliate the already downtrodden people of Kashmir.

History evidenced that where there have been enormous violence and severe violation of human rights there also has been a disaster in the backdrop affecting all and sundry. This ordeal of Kashmiris by the Government of India is likely to invite a fresh wave of violence within the state.

India has calmed the voice of Kashmiri people by presence of extra troops which numbered in thousands but by doing so it can never change the sentiments of even a single Kashmiri youth who chant slogans of freedom during street protests risking the life even in such a tight political scenario where hundreds of mainstream Kashmiri politicians have been in detained already.

The spirit of Kashmiri’s freedom will never die at least not going to give up in front of atrocities that the Government of India committing to confront them and the cultivation that this state-sponsored harm would bring would be taking the form of violence but nothing.

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