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US-Pakistan ties: mutual trust or merely the US interests?

Pak-US ties: US interests in Pakistan – photo source Time Magazine.

Pakistan has always voted in favor of the US as far as its policy is concerned. Despite so many security threats, President General Pervaiz Musharraf said yes to the demands of President Bush and still bearing the brunt of that policy initiative. It is India which signed a civil nuclear deal with the US despite refusing to become a proxy in the war against terror.

Bilateral trade

As far as bilateral trade is concerned, the USA has been one of the largest sources of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Pakistan. Bilateral trade between the two countries amounted to more than 576 billion PKR in 2015 alone. Apart from this Americans have been financially supporting many energy sector projects in the country.

The US-aid to Pakistan

The US has extended financial aid to Pakistan in the name of the Coalition Support Fund. US aid enables the country to strengthen its counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency capabilities.

Partners in war

Pakistan has been a non-NATO ally of the US in its alleged war against terror following the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the US Pentagon. Pakistani military and civilians have suffered heavily in the war in the form of casualties, destruction of infrastructure and a decrease in the economic activity due to twisted security dynamics within the country and in the bordering Afganistan as well.

The US-Pakistan relations during Trump’s presidency

President Donald Trump has always been critical in his approach towards Pakistan and alleged that the country didn’t show compliance to do more in spite of receiving $33 billion in aid from us(US). The visit of US Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo has been quite remarkable for the discontinuation of the Coalition Support Fund.

Violations of Pakistan’s integrity

The superpower has been in violation of the territorial integrity of Pakistan when it carried out drone attacks here. These attacks have killed hundreds of laymen besides killing terrorists and destroying the militant hideouts. Killing a civilian for no reason is likely to propagate a revengeful attitude in the society and this is what exactly the drone attacks did to the civilians in tribal areas. The then-ruling elite of the country was not even thinking of the loss inflicted on tribesmen.

US interests

The country has repeatedly been instructing and still continued with its policy to do more. Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline that was even viable and secure to meet the energy requirements of energy-deficient Pakistan is still lingering on possibly due to US constraints. The country has used Pakistan as a proxy during the Soviet invasion and exploited it in another when invaded Afghanistan itself.

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Pakistan’s Economic Programme is Under Discussion; IMF

Way Forward

  1. Pakistani PM during its scheduled visit to the US should seek cooperation on the educational front likewise educating more Pakistani students in the US educational institutes to make them aware of modern technological skills.
  2. Pakistan must strive to make itself economically independent because this is the only way out to save the overdominance of the western and socialist powers.
  3. Pakistan needs to shape its foreign policy keeping in view its geostrategic location and must not indulge in any anti-Iran agenda by the US.
  4. The permanent solution to the Afghanistan crisis is crucial to the security of Pakistan so to make the ongoing peace talks more effective there’s a need to bring all faction of the Taliban on the table.
  5. Documented mutual trade between Pakistan and Afganistan will help in curbing the ongoing smuggling and to improve the credibility of bilateral trade.
  6. Placement of security bars is not enough to secure Pakistan from the rising flames in Afghanistan, much more is yet to do on the internal and external front to secure the peace and economic stability.

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