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United Nations Organization – An Analysis Of Its Performance


  1. Introduction
  2. An overview of UNO and it’s organs
  • UN General Assembly
  • UN Security Council
  • Economic and Social Council
  • International Court of Justice
  • UN Secretariat
  • Trusteeship Council
  • Specialized Agencies of UN

3. An analysis of the performance of the UNO

A)- Strengths of UNO
  • Maintenance of peace and security
  • UNO as a forum of discussion
  • Contribution of the UN in the health sector
  • Contribution of the UN in the education sector
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Millennium development goals
  • Peace missions of UNO
  • Role of UNO in avoiding international conflicts
  • Role of UNO in improving the sense of accountability
  • Role of the UN Charter as the universal constitution
  • Monetary assistance to states by the UN and its agencies

B)- Weaknesses of the UNO

  • Failure to resolve the Kashmir issue
  • Failure to solve the Palestine conflict
  • Unnecessary use of veto power by permanent members
  • Political biases of world powers
  • Lack of the international army to enforce the decisions of UN
  • Failure to denuclearize the planet Earth
  • Inefficient behavior of UN to avoid climate disaster
  • The unequal attitude of the UN towards the member states
  • Failure to prevent the ethnic, racial as well as communal discord

4. Causes of weaknesses of the UNO

  • The pursuit of personal interests by member countries especially the permanent member states
  • Extra influence of UNSC
  • Non-implementations of the decisions made by the UN
  • Structural lapses in the UNO
  • Prevalence of autocracy and illiteracy in member states
  • Unavailability of competent leadership at the international forum

5. Recommendations for making UNO more efficient in the discharge of its duties

  • Ensuring the implementation of UN resolutions
  • Limiting the use of veto power to only certain prescribed conditions
  • Ensuring equity among the member states
  • Sensitizing the member countries about the importance of world peace
  • More efficient use of ICJ
  • Educating the world people by a wise use of media campaigns
  • Changing the way the UNO gets its funding
  • Applying meritocracy while appointing the officials at UN

6. Conclusion.

7. Critical analysis

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