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Globalization; Merits, and Demerits

The planet Earth wasn’t always that complex, and complicated as it’s today. People, organizations, communities, societies; all have become increasingly dependent upon one another for the fulfillment of needs, and for accomplishing different tasks. Things are manufactured in certain parts of the world and sold to some other parts away …

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Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Fears

NIH team shifting a COVID-19 positive patient to PIMS. Source: Twitter. The provinces of Pakistan have sought the assistance of the Pakistan Army under Article 245 of the constitution to help deal with the coronavirus situation. The number of people tested positive for coronavirus as of now in Pakistan are …

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Economic Impact of Covid-19

The covid-19 epidemic doubles every week leaving governments across the world flat-footed.The disease is in 85 countries and territories, up from 50 couple of days ago. Over 95,000 cases and 3,200 deaths have been reported. The countries which have spotted tens of cases have hundreds more circulating undetected. Iran, South …

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Spread of Polio virus and Pakistan

Pakistan’s threat of polioviruses can only be tackled when every child entering the country is made polio-free by vaccination provided the improvements in living and housing standards of the low-income class. Afghanistan and Nigeria are still endemic with the polioviruses. Cross-border movements of citizens made zero reports about cases of …

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World AIDS Day; Things to Know

December 1 is observed as World AIDS Day. The motive behind the celebration is to spread awareness among the people regarding lethal disease and its gruesome impact on society. Human Immune Viruses (HIV) actually spread the disease. This can be spread via unhygienic means for example by sharing contaminated needles …

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Female Genital Multilation – The Abandoned Practice

Millions of girls alive today have undergone the female genital multilation; a practice which involves the partial or complete removal of female external genitalia. It mostly happens in Middle East, Africa, Asia but also prevalent in USA, Europe and Latin America. FGM is usually performed between infancy and the age …

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