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Why COVID-19 Death Rate is Dangerously High in the U.S.A.?

The COVID-19 remains an ongoing threat and resulted in the drastic ratio of death rate in the U.S.that has now passed 340 per million residents, just over 100 times the rate in China. This figure has been reported by Time Magazine in its latest report. The Economist report explains that the response …

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COVID-19 Pandemic: What Are The Economic Impacts?

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on world economies with a number of cases surpassed 5.3 million worldwide. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) estimates that coronavirus pandemic could cost the global economy between $5.8tn and $8.8tn. ADB report finds that the economic losses in Asia and the Pacific could range from $1.7 trillion …

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Mosque Attack In Afghanistan Kills Several Worshippers While Breaking Fast


Gunmen opened fire in a mosque in central Afghanistan on Tuesday at the time when worshippers were breaking their fast. The assailants have killed as many as eight worshippers, Reuters quoted officials as saying. “Unknown gunmen fired on people praying inside a mosque during iftar time,” said Wahida Shahkar, spokeswoman …

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Covid-19 And The Changing Financial World Order


History witnessed that changes in world politics have resonated either due to wars, famines or pandemics. A global order remains in a constant reshuffle. While China is seemingly structuring a new system through the provision of material support to various states, the US seems incapable of handling the prevailing Covid-19 …

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Dogs to Sniff out the COVID-19 Patients to Help Fast Detection

Dogs have been trained to effectively sniff out several diseases from cancer, malaria, and Parkinson’s disease to blood sugar levels in diabetics, and now researchers are hoping to apply the practice to detect coronavirus. There’s a specific smell for many diseases the dogs that dogs are capable of recognizing. Researchers …

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Right Way for the Countries to Ease the Lockdown

The lockdown strategy that restricted more than a third of the world’s population to homes has contributed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Testing, as well as contact tracing measures, are vital in order to keep the virus from spreading any further. Governments talk about the mass-scale testing measures that, …

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