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Solved MCQs of International Law CSS Past Papers

UN Charter consists of how many articles: 111.

The status of the statute of the International Court of Justice is an integral part of the UN Charter.

The term “Opinio Juris” signifies the belief that a certain practice is obligatory as a matter of law.

The UN Charter also functions as the Constitutional and Lawmaking Treaty.

Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary-General belongs to South Korea.

The United Nations Headquarters are in the city of New York.

UNDHR stands for the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

‘Equity’ in international law refers to the power conferred on ICJ.

peaceful methods of settlement of disputes under the UN Charter are Mediation and Inquiry.

The most important treaties developing the law of war are Geneva Conventions.

The primary responsibility for Human Rights questions is given by the UN Charter to ECOSOC.

Persona non grata means undesirable diplomat.

Extradition means: handing over a criminal to another state.

The term international law was first coined by Jeremy Bentham.

Genocide Convention 1951 protects the: smaller minority groups.

ICJ can exercise its jurisdiction: with the consent of all parties.

Charter of International Criminal Court was adopted in Rome Conference 1998.

Pakistan became a member of the UNO in 1947.

Which article of the ICJ deals with the sources of International Law: article 38.

Secretary-General of UNO is from South Korea. (as of 2011).

The Headquarters of ICJ is at Hague.

Who is called the father of the law of nations? Hugo Grotius.

“International law isn’t a true law but a positive international morality,” said: John Austin.

The truce is the agreement of a ceasefire.

Piracy, according to the sea convention 1982 is an illegal act by the crew of a private ship on the high sea’s.

The General Assembly of the UN is a superior body.

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One of the amicable means of settling a dispute is conciliation.

Terra Nullius means territory belonging to no state.

The term men-of-war signifies a warship.

WMD stands for: weapons of mass destruction.

Withdrawal of recognition is more easily achieved with respect to de facto recognition.

One of the modes of acquiring state territory is occupation.

The Treaty of Westphalia was signed on October 24, 1648.

Pacta Sunt Servanda means: the agreement between the states is to be respected.

The Permanent Court of International Justice was established in 1922.

Littoral state means state situated on the sea coast.

A contiguous zone means the portion of sea which is adjacent to territorial waters.

Confederation means a union between some states.

The Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice: is binding on all the members of the UNO.

A declaration is a treaty between the contracting parties which: may or may not be subject to the ratification.

Much of the International law is derived through analogy from Roman Law.

Permanent Court of International Justice was established under the: League of the Nations.

Number of Judges of the International Court of Justice: fifteen.

The territorial sea of a state is under its control subject to certain international obligations.

Recognition of a new state is a matter of policy of the state.

Diplomatic Protection means protection and security granted: by a state to its individual abroad.

The diplomatic staff enjoys complete immunity from both: civil and criminal jurisdiction.

The term of Judges of ICJ is nine years.

To bar Doctrine is related to the recognition of insurgents.

Vienna Conference 1961 was related to Diplomatic immunities.

A land-locked state is: surrounded by the land from all sides.

Foreign warships have rights of innocent passage through territorial waters.

Charter of Human Rights was adopted in 1948.

Extradition is normally granted in criminal cases.

Continental Shelf of Pakistan may extend to the distance of 200 nautical miles.

The limit of territorial waters of Pakistan is 12 nautical miles.

De facto recognition is: circumstancial recognition.

Estrada Doctrine is related to the: recognition of a government.

A state has the right to use force for armed attacks.

The International Court of Justice was established in 1945.

Diplomatic relations are established by mutual agreement.

The United Nations is the creation of member states.

A state has the right to exploit in the continental shelf: both living and non-living resources.

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