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Socio-Economic Impacts Of Covid-19 Pandemic


1. Introduction

2. A brief overview of the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Origin of COVID-19
  • How Covid-19 spreads?
  • Is Covid-19 temperature-sensitive
  • Potential treatment of COVID-19

3. Socio-economic Impacts of COVID-19

  • Global economic depression
  • Income and job losses
  • Reduction in remittances
  • The decline in global trade
  • Increase in food insecurity
  • Dramatic fall in tourism
  • Increase in poverty
  • Covid-19 impact on women
  • Impact of coronavirus on education
  • Increased risk factor for Internally displaced people
  • Worst impact on slum dwellers
  • Decrease in sociability
  • Threats to security sector
  • Disruption in sports activities
  • A decline in air, road, and sea transportation
  • Unfavorable effects on mental as well as physical health
  • Bad effects on agriculture and livestock
  • A huge fall in the globalization of goods and services
  • Adverse effects on old-age people
  • Inimical impacts on the media industry
  • Hostile impact on migrant workers
  • Huge increase in unemployment

4. Recommendations for reducing the intensity of socio-economic impacts of coronavirus

  • Ensuring an adequate supply of health services
  • Adopting austerity measures in expenses
  • Strict compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • The proactive role of the World Health Organization
  • Establishing necessary quarantine facilities
  • Economic and social support for poor countries
  • Financial support to unemployed and infected ones
  • Expediting the efforts for early preparation and availability of coronavirus vaccine
  • Effective methods to ensure maximum testing and contact tracing
  • A phased revival of the economic and industrial sector
  • Sensitizing public regarding coronavirus and its impacts
  • Spreading awareness  regarding health hygiene
  • Timely control on the regional spread of viruses by the lockdown measures


6.Critical analysis

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