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Senior Police Officer Refuses To Register FIR For Actress Uzma Khan Case

The Barrister Hassan Niazi shares a video message in which he tells that police refuse to register the First Information Report of the assault against the actress Uzma Khan.

“We are at phase6 defense police station Police is not registering the FIR despite so many video evidence. they have no even summoned the other party as they think the family of Malik Riaz is above the law@CcpoLahore@DIGOpsLahore@OfficialDPRPP P.P time to stand with Orphans,” says Hassan Niazi in a tweet.

The Jawani Phir Nahi Aani actress Uzma Khan took to social media to respond to social media controversy and shares her ordeal of being harassed and threatened over the past few days. Uzma is a renowned actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

She has been a part of many famous movies such as Waar, Yalghar, Jawaani Phir Nae Aani, etc. She has recently become the top trend on Twitter soon after a video of her went viral over the social media outlets. Uzma Khan is allegedly being accused of having extramarital affair with Malik Riaz’s son-in-law Usman.

The short video clip shows the actor and her sister being accused by an unknown woman of allegedly having an intimate relationship with a person by the name of Usman. The woman who is alleged to be the daughter of famous business tycoon Malik Riaz is using absurd language to harass the actress.

The Video Showing Uzma Khan Being Tortured By Daughters of  Pakistani Tycoon Malik Riaz

Following the assault, the actress took to Facebook saying that that is her official statement and pleaded to share her statement. She also asked for help in her fight for justice. She wrote: “I have been shamed, blackmailed, harassed, been threatened to kill in the past three days. I feel I have nothing to lose now and I have decided to fight the strongest people of Pakistan.

“For me, it is either I get justice or I will be killed but there is no turning back now. I am an orphan so you can’t kill my parents. The maximum you can do is kill me,” Uzma added to her statement.

Perhaps, hinting at a video that went viral, she responded, “Since you’ve shamed me in front of the whole world anyway. Since I’m a woman and obviously the vulnerable and easy target, carry on but now I will fight till my last drop of blood.” Uzma also informed that she has filed a police complaint against her alleged harassers. Here’s a screenshot of the police complaint filed by her.

“I request Punjab police to register my FIR and conduct my and my sister’s Medical examination (my basic right) before our wounds start to heal. I hope I am as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz,” she further said. Her statement came in response to the video that was making rounds over the social media for the last two days.

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