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Reconsidering the effectiveness of this year’s OIC Makkah Summit


Let’s start right from the inception of OIC. It was formed to protect the Holy site from resenting threats and to secure the Muslim ideology. Was the organization being effective on the ground to protect the interests of Muslim Ummah, the answer is a big no.

The structural flaw within the organization is the non-obligations of its decisions and joint statements that are extended from time to time. Its decisions are just like that of advisory opinions of international jurisdiction. Another big reason that puts the organization on the back front is the lack of unity among the member states.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants to run the scenario its own way putting aside the severe violations of human rights that it does along with its coalition partners in Syria and Yemen. People are dying in these states not only due to inflicted war-torn conditions but due to the forbidden supply of necessary goods and food shortages as well.

None of the coalition partners do care about the scene where their dropped-off bomb has to hit. No matter it is the wedding ritual or some funeral prayers are taking place, the only motive is to influence the control and authority.

Much worried about the disruption of oil-tankers supply Saudi Arabia needs to think about the backfire whilst igniting the life of Yemeni and Syrian people. America has a long history of inflicting wars but this kind of attitude doesn’t suit to the custodian of Holy places.

Mere lip service and dysfunctional attitudes by the OIC member states won’t bring any change any sooner. Time has come to present the joint-statement followed by ground implementation of advisory statements. Armed support is not the only resort to the effectiveness of any state or organization. Much more can be done by supporting the people on educational, diplomatic, moral fronts.

Candle is good only when it enlightens a dark room, no one should support it burning the entire house.


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