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Polarized Politics: The Issues And Challenges Of Democracy In Pakistan

1)- Introduction

2)- Defining Polarization of politics

3)- The situation of polarized politics in Pakistan

  • Polarization in the name of sects
  • religious polarization
  • ethnic polarization
  • cultural polarization
  • geographical polarization
  • social polarization
  • economic polarization
  • linguistic polarization

4)- Issues and challenges of Democracy in Pakistan

  • Formation of weak central governments
  • Politically unstable environment
  • Lack of consensus-based policies
  • Lack of national unity
  • Mishandling of available resources
  • Weak policy formation on the international front
  • Inefficient governance
  • A rise in sectarian rifts
  • Extreme division of political vote bank
  • Promotion of dynatocratic politics
  • Prevalence of a sense of deprivation
  • Poverty
  • Cultural clashes

Recommendations for the amelioration of the situation

  • Just distribution of royalties
  • Educating the masses
  • Respecting the cultural and religious diversity
  • Political awakening of people
  • Robust role of the media
  • Electoral reforms
  • Emergence of national level political parties
  • Issue based politics
  • Good and efficient governance
  • Economic prosperity



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