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Pakistan ranks at 110 on Global Competitive Index

Pakistan has been ranked at 110th among 140 others on the World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index (GCI) for the year 2019.

WEF released the Global Competitive Report last week with the inclusion of new indices that represent more knowledge and digital based ecosystem.

The ranking, however, fallen this year for Pakistan as it was at 107 in 2018 on the same list.

India is ranked at 68, Sri Lanka at 84, Bangladesh at 105, and Nepal at 108 on the Global Competitive Index.

The 12 pillars of competitiveness are infrastructure, institutions, ICT adoption, stability, labour market, health, business dynamism, skill, market size, and innovation capacity.

Pakistan ranks at 29 in market size, at 99 in financial system, and 52 in business dynamism. On the indicator of innovation capacity the country is ranked at 79 among 141 countries.

The emergence of new digital technologies sets new challenges for the governments and businesses alike.

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