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Pakistan Becomes Permanent Member Of SCO Youth Council

Special Assistant to Pakistani Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar said Thursday that Pakistan has become a permanent member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Youth Council.

“Pakistani youth will now be able to represent their country at the SCO Youth Council meetings and its exchange programs,” Dar said in a video message on Twitter, adding that the Pakistani youth will also take part in the skill development programs of the SCO Youth Council.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister also uttered that the country made its way to the permanent membership of the council due to consistent efforts made by the central government over the last two years, and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s personal interest and initiatives for the youth.

Pakistani youth is now expected to access international opportunities socially as well as economically. The council will also assist young members to find employment and business opportunities in various sectors across the world.

Today’s SCO is different from its original foundation as the Shanghai Five in 1996 and the Shanghai Six after admitting Uzbekistan in 2001. The SCO summit in 2017 brought in India and Pakistan (former observers) as new members. The platform of SCO is like an opportunity for increasing regional cooperation and connectivity and to can contribute to refreshed relations between the two archrivals – Pakistan and India.

Eight permanent members of the organization now account for about half of the world’s population, a quarter of the world’s GDP, and about 80 percent of the Eurasian landmass. Two of the SCO members are permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia and China), and four are nuclear states (Russia, China, India, and Pakistan). Three of the SCO members are part of the BRICS grouping (Russia, China, and India).

Some stated objectives of the regional organization are to strengthen relations among member states; promote cooperation in political affairs, economics, and trade, scientific-technical, cultural, and educational spheres as well as in energy, transportation, tourism, and environmental protection; safeguard regional peace, security, and stability; and creation of a democratic, equitable international political and economic order.

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