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Online Education In Pakistan; Prospects And Challenges


1. Introduction

2. A brief overview of online education     

  • Online education – an instruction delivery system
  • Online availability of coursework and other materials
  • Utilizes gadgets and learning apps for the sake of communication

3. Why do we need online education?

Online education helps to continue education during a variety of conditions such as:

  • Heavy rainfalls and uncomfortable climate conditions
  • Natural calamities such as earthquake or pandemics
  • Longest distance from traditional institutes of education

4. Prospects associated with online education in Pakistan

Various prospects are associated with online education. Some of them are:

  • Students can attend the online classes from the comfort of their homes
  • Study material, lectures can be saved in an online database
  • Online education saves traveling time
  • No age barriers as students can enroll themselves without a physical appearance in class
  • Students of remote areas can easily access modern education if provided with the smooth communication network
  • Online education provides the luxury of flexibility in taking the classes for the working class
  • Online education cut down transportation cost

5. Challenges associated with online education in the land of pure

  • Lack of acceptance for online education
  • Student’s attention gets diverted to other things during online classes
  • Unavailability of internet connection in different areas of Pakistan
  • Poor economic conditions create hindrance in availing the privilege of online education
  • Lack of technological advancement
  • Student-teacher direction interaction is a missing element during online education
  • Unavailability of computers, laptops
  • Lack of class discipline during online education
  • Societal barriers
  • Lack of trained teachers as necessary for online education

6. Steps already taken at different levels to make online education a new normal

  • An online education initiative of AIOU and several other higher education institutes
  • PM Imran Khan’s Tele School initiative
  • Online education via YouTube channels and several other media outlets

7. Recommendations for improving online education in Pakistan

  • Proper training of teachers for effective online education
  • Making internet connectivity smooth and cost-effective
  • Improving the state of energy provided to the public
  • Ensuring technological advancements
  • Provision of computers and laptops to students at reasonable prices
  • Ensuring the availability of affordable call packages for online classes
  • Increasing the acceptability of online education among the students as well as teachers
  • Removing the gender-based discrimination


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