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Narendra Modi’s War Hysteria

Keeping in view the upcoming polls in India Modi has started an anti-Pakistan campaign in an attempt to dodge public attention from the internal affairs of the country. Safe and unconditional return of Indian Force Pilot Abhinandan was a goodwill gesture of Pakistan and a move to avert the confronted threats of limited and possibly nuclear war. One of the most terrifying thing in India is biased news channels literally calling for war.

There are more than four hundred news channels at work in India and many of them are airing the fake news and some news channels are owned by owners of weaponry companies. Pulwama attack is an out front of what exactly can happen to India if they continue suppression in Indian Administered Kashmir.

Arundhati Roy has rightly said that if India believes that it is alright to intervene in Bangladesh and to liberate that from Pakistan then how do they justify their position in Kashmir looking at the genocide in both Bangladesh and Indian Held Kashmir. Modi is spreading his warmongering and attenuating a policy of killing the Minorities living in India especially those who are Muslims.

People of Kashmir have long been facing the genocide, rape of women, the blood bath of their generations and the butcher of Gujrat has further deteriorated the situation.

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