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Constitution of Pakistan, and Islam

Constitution of Pakistan is an embodiment of Islam in a sense that it calls for equality. Constitution calls for friendly ties with other Muslim states as well as with the entire world countries. The very same principles are teached by Islam.

Islamic injunctions calls for deciding the important matters of state policy with mutual discussion probably in Majlis-e-Shura. Constitution of Pakistan entails the establishment of a bicameral legislature comprising upper, and lower house of the parliaments.

Islam and Constitution of Pakistan accepts the basic rights of people i.e., right to live, right to education, right to acquire land without any difference of cast,  colour, and creed. Islam advocates respect for the minorities living in an Islamic country and, the Constitution of Pakistan also grants religious freedom to minorities living in the country.

As far as women rights are concerned, there’s no iota of doubt that women were guaranteed rights after the advent of Islam and was highly revered and esteemed, and a due respect was rewarded by Islam to women in every role; as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, or as a divorced. Pakistani Constitution also grants women right to live, right to education, right to devorce, right to inherit the property. The Constitution also provides special guarantees to women in Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961.

The Constitution of Pakistan and Islam both utter democracy ,and devolution of power, and authority. Both adovate justice, and fair play to everyone. Islam believes in the distribution of wealth, and Constitution of Pakistan also calls for adopting such principles for state policy that forbid the concentration of wealth in the hands of few people.


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