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Kashmir -A Humanitarian Issue

Atrocities committed against the innocent Kashmiris dates back to March 1846, when East India Company sold not only the state of Kashmir but the rights, freedom, and social status of its people.  They were denied their due status in the society since then. Peasants were bound to live by the conditions employed by the Dogra Army, so is the case of ordinary citizens.

Kashmiris were even forbidden to comply with their religious obligations. Yom-e-Shuhuda-e-Kashmir reminds us of the fateful incident in which 22 Muslims embraced martyrdom on July 13, 1931. Dogra Army made the life of Kashmiris hard and cumbersome.

Armed forces of India are committing scornful crimes in curbing the confidence and demands of Kashmiris even today. Hundreds and thousands of Kashmiris give off their lives just to keep their just demands of self-determination.

The use of pellet guns has added further to the mysteries of already marginalized Kashmiri people as thousands of people including women and children are injured by the cold-blooded arm pelting at the hands of Indian security forces.

 Around 6221 people are injured due to pelting as per official figures.

Indian Forces Special Power Act, Jammu, and Kashmir Disturbed Territory and so many other laws provide immunity to security personnel to commit extravagant crimes against humanity. Most recent attempts to repeal Article 35 A and Article 370 A provides special status to the residents of Kashmir by the BJP Government once again reminds us of Indian nefarious plans to keep Kashmiris as subordinates and downtrodden people.

Kashmir Issue is an issue of humanitarian concern and should be resolved in letter and spirits according to the UN proposed plebiscite solution. Kashmiris should be considered as human beings and hence, must be given the magnanimous right of self-determination.

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