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Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu Signals Delay In Annexation Date

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US Ambassador David Friedman, and special Middle East envoy Avi Berkowitz on Tuesday. Times of Israel reported about the meeting that signals a major change in Israel’s plan. Israel had planned to unilaterally annex the West Bank lands under an American so-called Peace-deal on July 1, 2020.  The newspaper already viewed that the US approval for annexation on July 1 was highly unlikely.

US President Donald Trump on January 28, 2020, announced his version of the Middle East Peace Plan to resolve the seven-decade-long Israeli–Palestinian conflict. He hailed 29,000-word plan as “the deal of the century”. According to Trump’s deal of the century, the Holy city of Jerusalem should be internationally recognized as the capital of the State of Israel.

Netanyahu hinted that the groundwork ahead of the move will continue after July 1. He said: “I spoke about the question of sovereignty, which we are working on these days and we will continue to work on in the coming days.”

The meeting comes as Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz continue to publicly spar over the timing of the annexation plans, with the premier dismissing Gantz’s assertion that it is too early to begin implementing them.

Gantz said Tuesday that Israel needs to move ahead on the Trump plan with “partners” from the region and international backing. Gantz had already given a statement regarding non-implementation of annexation in which he said that dealing with the coronavirus and its socioeconomic and health consequences is the more pressing issue that needs to be attended to right now. He has also reportedly agreed to allow Netanyahu to advance such a plan after approval from the cabinet.

The United Nations and European and Arab powers on Wednesday warned Israel that its plans to annex Palestinian land would deal a major blow to peace. A fountain in Donald Trump Square in the Israeli city of Peta Tikva has been dyed red to symbolize fake blood during protests against the US-backed annexation plans for the occupied West Bank.

Israel with just 0.11 percent of the overall world population has plans to confiscate not only the vital lands for a future state of Palestine and dreams of self-determination but it is advancing to shatter any hopes of peace in the entire Middle East.

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