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India’s Growing Problem of Racism, and Social Abuse


Besides consistently ignoring the migrant issues caused by the corona crisis, India has just started rearing the racism and abuse of the general public. Some most recent violent incidents have really exposed the dark side of India like never before. In Gurugram, a 20-year-old girl, Chong Hoi Misao, from Manipur was brutally attacked and assaulted by some locals from Faizapur.

The incident happened when the girl was returning after meeting her friend. She was stopped by an elderly woman, who started hurling abuses and racially-charged slurs at Chong Hoi. While both were engaged in a verbal spat, the family members of an elderly woman came out and started beating Misao with sticks, rendering her unconscious. The girl is alive luckily because some locals came to rescue her.

In a similar incident in March, a 26-year-old MPhil Scholar from the University of Delhi was allegedly spat on by a man on his scooter, who called her “Coronavirus”. The man allegedly spat all over her face, hair, and T-shirt, the pictures which went viral inviting huge outrage. This racial profiling of people sets a dangerous precedent for the times to come, and a cold shoulder to such discrimination is likely to begin a holocaust.

The headlines for the month of April reported another such incident in which the badminton star, Gutta Jwala, opened up about the sheer discrimination. People have resorted to calling her “China ka mail”, “half Chinese” and “chinki” on social media. A new name “half Corona” has also been given to her ever since coronavirus spread its tentacles over the globe. She also spoke up about similar humiliation that people from the Northeast part of India faced recently.

Dozens of incidents pertaining to the societal virus of hate-speech and social discrimination have been reported as yet. Like coronavirus, racism is also a socially transmitted disease. The former can be treated scientifically but the later will stay unmoved until we start educating the people about the importance of social harmony as well as dire consequences of racism.

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