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India Joins Naval Drill in South China Sea

Indian navy joined drill exercise with that of USA, Japan, and the Philippines to conclude the first-ever joint naval drill in contested waters of the South China Sea. India joined the drill as a part of its policy to work with like-minded nations to ensure a safe maritime environment by enhancing the military’s capability. The drill involves two naval ships from India besides military equipment from the US, Philippines, and Japan. The Indian ships that joined the naval drill were INS Kolkata and INS Shakti.

The ships undertook various exercises including replenishment runs, formation maneuvering, cross-deck flying, and exchange of sea riders. China’s foreign office in reaction to the development said that the countries must not indulge in any action that undermines the peace and stability in the region.

About six nations claim over sovereignty and rights in the South China Sea. The US also claims to be a stakeholder in the conflict as it maintains that the South China Sea should remain open for international navigation according to the International Law of the Sea.

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