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Hunger in Yemen Hitting Hard on Civilians

Hunger in Yemen Hitting Hard on Civilians:


United Nations has warned that 13 million people are facing starvation in Yemen. UN has called for a halt to air strikes which are killing the civilians. Yemen could face the worst famine in the world in 100 years, said UN. Hundreds and thousands of people have been killed and millions are displaced in Yemen due to the Saudi-led Coalition in favor of the internationally-recognized government.

The crisis in Yemen is hitting hard on adults and children. The rise in prices of eatables and devaluation of the national currency as a result of war are putting families at the risk of food insecurity.

The charity Save the Children says that a total of 5.2 million children in Yemen are now facing the famine. The conflict in Yemen escalated in 2015 when the President Abdrabbuh Mansoor Hadi was forced to flee abroad and Houthis seized the control of much of the west of Yemen. Saudis intervened in the crisis in order to restore the writ the government as they saw Houthis as an Iran’s proxy.

The war has also perturbed the civil machinery with delays in paying the salaries of teachers and public servants. Some employees didn’t get their wages for almost two years. Those who are playing face inflation. The war in Yemen is damaging on multiple fronts: from causing epidemics to killing and hunger.

Also, the war situation is inflicting a psychological blow on the part of people residing in war zones. The children there, if survived, would face nutritional imbalances and subsequent health hazards like stunted growth and poor mental and physical health. People in war zones are sometimes compelled to eat boiled leaves and other parts of plants due to the unavailability of food.

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