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How ‘Meray Pas Tum Ho’ brought pleasure to the audience despite serial’s sad ending?

It happened just a week ago that rumors hit the news headlines about the leak of the last episode of ARY’s Production ‘Mere Pas Tum Ho.’ The playwright of the serial has also been the moot point of discussion due to tractable dialogues; and of course the famous cast of the serial that includes the very charming Ayeza Khan, Humaion Saeed, and Adnan Siddiqui in the lead role.

Apart from heaping so much praise from the audience, the serial also invited widespread trolls on Twitter where people including the journalists are complementing the last episode of ‘MPTH.’

Female award-winning Journalist and Anchorperson Asma Sherazi has tweeted that perhaps she’s the only one left countrywide who hasn’t watched Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Senior Anchorperson Amir Mateen also thought it necessary to inform that he’s also among those who couldn’t enjoy the glimpse of most famous drama serial.

Bureau Chief of Dunya TV also didn’t forget to add from his side about the sad and tragic ending of Meray Pas Tum Ho.

The last episode of the serial was aired in cinema and was much awaited because of widespread controversy that started with the initiation of court case against the serial and the ban on the last episode was demanded by the lady applicant in the court who deemed the story portraying the bad image of women in society.

The court, however, didn’t support her stance and allowed the airing of the episode as scheduled. Danish who’s the lead character in the serial can be seen dying of sudden heart attack in the ending scene and this particular scene got the attention of online trolls. Here you go for a few of them.

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