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How Australia Emerged As A Success Story In Controlling The Spread Of COVID-19?

Australia has been highly successful in ‘flattening the  Covid-19 curve’. The number of new COVID-19 cases in Australia each day is very low.

Both Federal and state governments introduced strict social distancing rules; schools, pubs, churches, community centers, entertainment venues, and even some beaches were closed.

The country with a population of about 25 million is rightly regarded as a success story in controlling the spread of COVID-19 as it has timely arrested the spread of COVID-19 infections by strict policing, empowering its health agencies, testing, and contact tracing.

Australia’s Medicare system enables people to seek help when they need it without fear of financial repercussions. Earlier border control measures have also been effective in flattening the Covid-19 curve.

Moreover, Australia’s universal healthcare and mandatory paid leave grants citizens the freedom to get medical help without worrying about financial hardships. Australia has developed a nationwide tracing app and has a surplus of test kits. 

The leadership in Australia is wilfully taking a backseat to scientists unlike that of President Trump who has been many times self-explanatory at White House regarding the use of unproven drugs to fight the pandemic.

Prescriptions for two antimalarial drugs jumped by 46 times the average when president Trump praised these drugs in coronavirus fight calling them, ‘something really incredible’.

All states and territories in the Commonwealth of Australia are now mapping their paths towards relaxing restrictions in the coming weeks.

Australians are now slowly emerging from Covid-19 lockdowns since the federal government announced a three-stage plan in May to ease restrictions across the country.

Australia has had fewer than 7,000 confirmed cases of COVD-19 and fewer than 800 people are still ailing with the Covid-19 infection.

Almost 100 people have died so far. The Aussie-government imposed lockdown in March with fewer than 20 recorded cases.

Prime Minister Scot Morrison said that it will be up to Australia‘s various states and territories to decide when to begin to implement each stage (referring to Australia’s three-stage plan) for relaxing the Covid-19 restrictions.

It is now up to each state and territory to decide when and how far they will relax Covid-19 restrictions.

A surfer walks to the water through a designated walkway at Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia. Mark Kolbe/Getty Images.

Steps taken by the Australian Government to confront Covid-19 pandemic

According to the data available on the official website of the Australian Government, the government is working on several fronts to face the Covid-19 and its possible impacts. Some of the areas on which it’s working are;

  • Applying travel restrictions to limit the spread of novel coronavirus.
  • Screening of travelers is being done who arrives in Australia and ensuring that they quarantine on arrival.
  • Continuing with strict border surveillance.
  • Delivering a $17.6 billion economic support package to encourage investment and keep people in jobs.
  • Delivering a $2.4 billion health package to protect all Australians.
  • Providing finances to expand Medicare-subsidised telehealth services for all Australians.
  • Supporting to Australians who’re experiencing domestic, family, and sexual violence due to the fallout of coronavirus.
  • Providing $48.1 million for the National Mental Health and Wellbeing to support the mental health and wellbeing of Australians.
  • Funding home delivery of most prescription medicines for those unable to get to their local pharmacy.
  • Securing the availability of face masks to help protect our medical professionals.
  • Tracing coronavirus cases.
  • Providing information to people regarding the government’s response.
  • Spreading awareness in different languages among the people on how to avoid infection.
  • Testing people suspected of having the virus.
  • Contact tracing of confirmed cases every day.
  • Imposing travel restrictions between states.

Australia’s three-step “roadmap” to ease the lockdown restrictions

Australia’s three-step roadmap to ease the lockdown restrictions. Each stage will be followed with a cooling-off period to monitor the impact of the changes. (Photo source: ABC News).

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