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PTI Government’s policies aims at addressing a section of population

Pakistan was not created to be the way it is today. Those who shed their sweat and blood to acquire a piece of land for the people to live with religious, social, and economic liberty were neither intentional to govern the masses with the disparity in policies on the basis of mere geographic, and geopolitical approach nor they seemingly thought to leave the country’s economy on the roller coaster drive as it is today.

Let’s take some examples of explicit government policies. Ban on the use of plastic bags at restaurants, food packaging to decrease plastic pollution this independence day eve but the ban was issued for the federal capital of the country, not the entire country.

Pakistan is facing looming plastic pollution. According to the recent survey by the country’s Environmental Protection Agency, about 55 billion bags are currently being used and this amount is expected to increase by 15 percent on a yearly basis.

Why the recent initiative hasn’t been launched in the rest of the country? Why the government is not in a hurry to place a ban on plastic countrywide to confront the bigger environmental challenges that frequent use of plastic poses by causing serious decomposition problems, by evolving the dangerous gases when burned, by blocking the waterways, by engulfing the aquatic habitats, and by causing considerable threats to fish and other animals.

In the most recent development, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has passed the resolution necessitating the appointment of psychologists across educational institutions again only in the province of KPK.  The resolution that was formally announced by MPA Ayesha Bano calls for the appointment of psychologists in all schools of the province who charge students 5,000 PKR or more than this amount on a monthly basis.

Another provision mentioned therein is that the schools charging their students less than 5,000 PKR on monthly basis are required to arrange at least a session with the psychologist on a weekly basis to facilitate the students in fighting their emotional, behavioral issues.

The problem of psychological disarray is not only confined to the students of schools and other educational institutions across the province of KPK but the issue haunts the children all over the country.

Child abuse, domestic violence, and harassment are some of the causes that ultimately send into dismay and it becomes very likely for the child to pursue self-adopted solutions that may take the shape of continuous psychological issues, self-harm or suicide especially when no counseling is accessible.

Let’s move to the most notable of all, the department of police in which IG Punjab Police Arif Nawaz ordered to take departmental action against those who dare to make the video of police officers on duty or upload the video of police officers who are performing their duties.

This kind of initiative will somehow protect the officials who commit serious human rights violations in the name of interrogation and investigation but what kind of relief it provides to the victims of police’s third-degree torture or die in police custody. Of course, it doesn’t offer comfort to them.

These are just two to three excerpts from the PTI Government’s dividend policies that create cataclysmic differences among the masses. The famous quote rightly apprehends the miscalculated policy terms which say that until you treat everyone as an equal, you have no right to complain about the treatment you receive from anyone. One can just hope for the government to devise the plans that benefit the entire or relatively major chunk of the population, not a little section of the population.


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