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Feminism Is Not Only A Third World Issue


  1. Introduction
  2. A brief overview of feminism
  • Meaning of feminism
  • Different waves of feminism

a)- First wave of feminism

b)- Second wave of feminism

c)- The third wave of Feminism

3. What is the third world?

  • Developing countries of Asia and Africa
  • A brief insight into the origin of the third world

4. Is feminism an issue of third world countries? No, its an issue of global concern.

5. Arguments which prove that feminism is not merely a third world issue but an issue of global concern


  • Existence of a gender-based pay gap in the developed countries
  • Women’s economic dependence on men
  • Women’s count in government jobs
  • Less Number of women as Heads of State in the developed world
  •  Women’s participation in electoral processes
  • Prevalence of violence against women
  • Harassment at the workplace
  • Deplorable mental health conditions
  • Gender-based discrimination in educational institutions
  • Use of women as a tool
  • The male psyche of dominance


6. Recommendations for ameliorating the situation

Followings are some of the steps that can be undertaken to do away with gender-based discrimination:
  • Equal and just distribution of resources and opportunities
  • Sharply-focused role of educational institutions
  • Enactment and implementation of stringent laws
  • Provision of equitable electoral and educational rights
  • Supportive and mature role of media
  • Increased efforts at the societal level to ascertain gender equality
  • Responsible role of the state
  • Protection of women at the workplace

7. Conclusion


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