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North East India Riots: Muslims are being Persecuted in Delhi Under the Guise of Communal Discord

You may have surely come across the video clip from Delhi showing five men lying straight on the road, and singing the national anthem. While they seem to be dying, they’re forced to sing the national song in such a state when they all were bleeding profusely due to physical harm inflicted on them.

One of the victims, Faizan, a 23-year-old boy from Delhi who succumbed to violence. 29-year-old Faizan’s brother narrated the details of the incident. Instead of due medical care, his brother was rushed to the police station where his condition aggravated. Faizan used to work as a daily wager.

He ran to see his mother after violence escalated in Delhi. He was just trying to guard the women when police took him into custody. Faizan’s family was denied access to him despite his injuries. Faizan was even denied timely treatment in LNJP and died of cold-bloodedness of the Indian police as well as health officials.



The riots followed the hate remarks of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Kapil Mishra. He warned the Muslim protesters to wind down sit-ins in Jafarabad and Chandbagh areas or face the ire of his supporters.

The Mojo Story covered the story of another victim who is a rickshaw driver and father of five. The hardline Hindus just asked his name and beaten him badly after knowing that he’s a Muslim.


The peaceful protests were going on against the controversial Citizen Amendment Act that was passed in December last year. It was only after the hate speech by Kapil Mishra that a far-right Hindu group instigated violence and ultimately communal violence in parts of northeast Delhi.

Hundreds of people supporting the new law (CAA) last Sunday attacked anti-CAA protestants, resulting in stone-pelting which left many injured. The latest round of violence broke out just as Trump began his first-ever visit to India.

Meanwhile, the US President Donald Trump calls his latest visit to India “worthwhile” where he attended a huge crowd of spectators in Motera Stadium. The President praised Prime Minister Modi calling him a “great guy.”

Mr. President, however, declined to comment on the ongoing violence in Delhi that claimed many lives, businesses, and homes. Most of the victims are Indian Muslims – a largely improvised group that makes up 14 percent of India’s population.

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President Trump praised India for its commitment to freedom as well as religious tolerance. Perhaps, the policy of intolerance that includes the supporting Hindu hardliners in the governance circles of India, and India’s new policy of NRC and CAA actually played a key role in aggravating the situation.

The hardline approach towards the Kashmiri people since August 5, 2019, and widespread lockdown in lone Muslim majority state is nothing but India’s intolerance towards the religious minorities and exhibit dying secularism in India’s sham democracy.

Till now, about 42 people have died in the worst religious violence that hit Delhi since 1984. In the riots that last hit Indian Capital in 1984, more than 3,000 members of the Sikh community were killed by a Hindu mob following the assassination of then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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