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The Hands That Rock The Cradle Rule The World

“The hands that rock the cradle,” is a poem by William Ross Wallace in which he praises motherhood as the pre-eminent for the change in the world. The poem was first written in 1965 but later on stage as a Hollywood film in 1992 namely, “The Hands that Rocks the …

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Success Has Many Friends

The proverb is apropos of the fact that a successful person is surrounded by the myriads of people just like candlelight attracts the moths. A lot many Sycophants and flatterers find their way around the people who are successful in some way in worldly life. The time servers will do …

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Some Notable Foreign Phrases

Carte Blanche; unlimited authority, unlimited discretionary power to act. Vis-a-vis; in relation to, compared with. Inter alia; among other things, between the things. Bona fide; genuine, sincere, in good faith. Apropos of; concerning, with regard to, about. Fait accompli; done deal, an accomplished fact or something that had already occurred. Faux pas; blooper, blunder, an embarrassing act. …

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World of Kindness and Peace

World of Peace Words of kindness and the world of peace Tumbling slowly in the race of ruins High-speed cars and swift rails Letting no time to shine in grace She’s so agile and he’s in vain Everything looks heading on the trip of trail The names of commendation and …

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