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PPSC Issues Notification for Relaxation in Deposit of Fee

In view of Covid-19 crisis, countries acrossthe world are facing lockdown conditions in order to contain the spread of novel coronavirus. Businesses, transportation, educational institutions are closed in several countries of the world amid Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier, the Punjab Public Service Commission in pursuance of Government of the Punjab Order …

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Saudi Arabia suspends travel, flights to Pakistan

Image source: MEMO Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended travel of citizens and residents and halted flights with several states due to coronavirus fears, state news agency SPA reported quoting an official source at Interior Ministry. The countries include the European Union, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea, …

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Is Iran’s handling of Covid-19 fuelling the risk factor?

Iran shares borders with many of the countries that are already confronting the worst form of violence and crisis. These include Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq. These countries already have a fragile health safety system and weak governments. Iran has been found to be the navigator Coronavirus to Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, …

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16 causes of ever-rising inflation in Pakistan


Current account deficit (imports exceeding exports.) Budget deficit (expenses exceeding revenue collection.) smuggling (illegal trade of goods and services) hoarding (collection of currency, eatables or other valuables.) Oil dependence of the economy (prices of goods fluctuates with international oil prices.) Inefficient taxation (narrow tax net.) Overinvoicing and under-invoicing Currency depreciation …

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CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved MCQs 2018

Which monument is inscribed on the back of 5,000 note: Faisal Mosque. Simla Agreement was signed in 1972. Comrade’s editor was: Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar. Pakistan A Hard Country was written by Anatol Lieven. First Commander in Chief of Pakistan was: Frank Messervy. Who replaced Nazim-Ud-Din as Premier: Muhammad Ali …

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CSS MCQs of Islamic Studies 2018

Prayer offered at the time of Lunar eclipse is Khasoof. Number of soldiers of Kuffar during Ghazwa-e-Khandaq: Ten thousand. Heads of Zakat are mentioned in Surah Tauba. Hijrat is mentioned in which surah: Surah Anfaal. Quba is distant from Madina: 3miles. Nabi means the one who gives news. Spoken son …

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