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World’s 5 Most Powerful Militaries in 2020

As of 2020, Global Firepower, a website that tracks military strength ranks the following 5 armies as most powerful. The United States of America retains its top spot as the undisputed military might in the world with the allocation of $750 in the military budget this year. The USA has …

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The New Kilogram Approved:

The international system of measurements have revised the definition of kilogram and other key units. During a meeting at Versailles in France, countries have voted to approve the wide ranging changes that corroborates vital human activities like trade and scientific innovation. The notable change was the revision of ‘Kilo’ – …

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World’s First Quantum Compass Build:

UK scientists have build world’s first quantum compass, a device that doesn’t rely on global positioning system (GPS). The project was funded by United Kingdom’s ministry of defence (MoD). This compass can pinpoint the exact location of anything on Earth in a way that can’t be interfered with. The device …

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China’s Incredibly Hot Artificial Sun

China’s nuclear scientists have designed an artificial sun that replicates the Sun’s fusion process. This artificial sun is approaching the highest temperatures up to 100 million degrees Celsius – A temperature at which it’s possible to force the charged deuterium and tritium particles for the fusion reaction. Usually, these particles …

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China is Building the World’s Biggest Airport:

China is building the world’s biggest airport in Southern District in 2019. The airport will handle hundred million passengers a year. Initially, the airport will have four runways. The separate passenger areas will be the part of new Chinese airport for domestic and international flights to reduce the travel time. …

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Gravitational Waves:

The gravitational waves disturb the fabric of spacetime to pull and push the matter. The gravitational waves are generated by any movement of the mass. The two black holes colliding produces a sudden thunder. By when they reach the Earth they faint like ripples nearing the edge of the pound. …

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Apple’s Face ID Glitch:

Apple set to unveil the iPhone X, marking the tenth anniversary of the first ever iPhone launched 10 years ago. This 5.8 inch display is so intelligent that its going to respond to a tap, your voice and even to a glance of an eye. Unlike the Apple’s iPhone 7, …

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iPhone 8 and iPhone X – Shared Features:

iPhone 8 and iPhone X

iPhone 8 and iPhone X shares a common feature of an all-out glass front and back saying goodbye to slippery and pro-scratch aluminum back. Another convergence is the water-resistance of iPhone X, the feature in common with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The first ever iPhone feature introduced is …

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