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China Successfully Launched Its First Red Planet Probe

China successfully launched its first Mars probe. China’s successful launch of the mission heralds new era of deep-space probes. Recent mars mission marks nation’s official start of interplanetary probe era. Photo credit: Guo Wenbin/Our Space. China successfully launched its first Mars probe, named Tianwen-1, via a Long March-5 Y4 carrier …

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World’s 5 Most Powerful Militaries in 2020

As of 2020, Global Firepower, a website that tracks military strength ranks the following 5 armies as most powerful. The United States of America retains its top spot as the undisputed military might in the world with the allocation of $750 in the military budget this year. The USA has …

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India Joins Naval Drill in South China Sea

Indian navy joined drill exercise with that of USA, Japan, and the Philippines to conclude the first-ever joint naval drill in contested waters of the South China Sea. India joined the drill as a part of its policy to work with like-minded nations to ensure a safe maritime environment by …

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Iran’s New Warship Sahaad

Iran has built its third domestically developed warship ‘Sahaad’. This warship can remain in the sea continues for 5 months without resupply. Tehran has enrolled it into gulf waters. Sahaad has the ability to stealth with radar detections. The warhead is also equipped with new technology that wasn’t present in …

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