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Lockdown amid corona fears

NIH team shifting a covid-19 positive patient to PIMS. Source: Twitter. The provinces of Pakistan have sought the assistance of Pakistan Army under Article 245 of the constitution to help deal with the coronavirus situation. The number of people tested positive for coronavirus as of now in Pakistan are in …

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Countries with Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus

Turkey has decided to close its borders with Iran and so is Pakistan. Both the countries share porous borders with Iran and infiltration can easily spread the outbreak in the neighboring countries. Here’s the list of countries with the exact number of coronavirus. The list originally shared by The Guardian.  …

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How Coronavirus is wreaking a havoc globally?


In addition to Li, at least 4 other citizens(journalists) were arrested after sharing information about the outbreak on social media. Dr. Li was censored for warnings he shared on social media. Initially, coronavirus was being perceived less prevalent and less deadly in compared to the 2003 SARS outbreak. In the …

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