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Why Poverty Is A Political Choice?


There is a famous quote that explains so well why poverty is a political choice which says: “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake.” Poverty is actually a condition in which a person or community lacks the resources and essentials for a minimum standard …

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Women Universities As Agents Of Change

Women Universities As Agents Of Change 1)-  Introduction 2)- Education and its various types Formal education Informal education Non-formal education 3)-  Various levels of education Primary and secondary levels of education Higher secondary level of education Higher education 4)- Prevailing situation of women education across the globe High dropout rate …

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Pakistan And Future Of The Kashmir Cause

1)-  Introduction 2)-  A bird’s eye view of the Kashmir issue Territorial nature of the dispute A nuclear flashpoint Post-1846 scenario Various parts of Kashmir 3)-  Probable solutions for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue Consistent dialogue between India and Pakistan and China A plebiscite in accordance with United …

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Corruption; Causes And Effects


1)-  Introduction 2)-  What is corruption? Misuse of power and authority Abuse of entrusted power for private gain Bribery 3)-  Causes of Corruption Lack of professional ethics Absence of accountability Greed for money High prices of goods and services Inefficiencies in the administrative structure Poor regulation of price control Absence …

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Social Media; Advantages And Disadvantages


1)-  Introduction 2)-  A bird’s eye view f social media Digital platform Internet-based applications and programs Based on user-generated content 3)-  Different categories of social media Social networks (FaceBook, Twitter) Media sharing networks (Snapchat, Instagram) Discussion forums Consumer Review Networks 4)-  Advantages of social media Source of connectivity Generates income …

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Pollution And Its Various Effects


Introduction What is pollution? Addition of harmful, and unwanted materials to the environment Contaminants can be natural or man-made Various types of pollution Land pollution Noise pollution Water pollution Radioactive pollution Air pollution Causes of pollution Vehicular exhausts Consumption and burning of fossil fuels Improper dumping of household Garbage Industrial …

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Women Empowerment

1)-  Introduction 2)-  A bird’s eye view of women empowerment Women empowerment can be categorized into five main parts; social empowerment educational empowerment economic empowerment political empowerment psychological empowerment 3)-  Problems faced by the women Lack of education Health issues Nutrition gap Unavailability of political rights Violation of basic rights Little …

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Kashmir Issue; Its Various Causes


Outline: 1)-  Introduction 2)-  A bird’s eye view of the Kashmir issue Territorial nature of Kashmir dispute A nuclear flashpoint between India and Pakistan  3)-  A brief overview of the history of Kashmir Former princely states Post-1846 scenario Various parts of Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan Indian-Administered Kashmir Pakistan-Administered Kashmir Aksai Chin …

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Inflation: Causes, And Effects


1)-  Introduction 2)-  What is inflation? The rise in prices of commodities Service sector inflation Artificial inflation 3)-  Various types of inflation Demand-pull inflation Cost-push inflation Built-In inflation 4)-  Causes of inflation Lawlessness Lack of legal, and public accountability Bad governance Corruption Hoarding of goods Smuggling of commodities Inefficient taxation Management …

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COVID-19: A Wake-up Call For Pakistani Researchers

 Outline: 1)- Introduction 2)- COVID-19; its emergence and spread Conspiracy theories about Covid-19 Three waves of Covid-19 Pandemic Covid-19 and Pakistan 3)- Impact of Covid-19 on different sectors in Pakistan             A- Impact on the economic sector Increase in poverty Rising food insecurity Increase in …

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