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Does PTI Government Support Aurat Azadi March 2020?

PTI led Government announced supporting today’s AuratMarch on the condition that the participants of the march would not harm the honour and dignity of the country.   PPP, however, announced complete support for the march with no strings attached. It accused both the Pakistan Tekreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and PML-N of being …

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Economic Impact of Covid-19

The covid-19 epidemic doubles every week leaving governments across the world flat-footed.The disease is in 85 countries and territories, up from 50 couple of days ago. Over 95,000 cases and 3,200 deaths have been reported. The countries which have spotted tens of cases have hundreds more circulating undetected. Iran, South …

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Pakistan’s Version of Coronavirus For Years

Coronavirus epidemic has infected some 93,000 so far but the endemic of the patriarchal mindset seems even more prevalent in Pakistan. The epidemic of Coronavirus may last for months; the challenges due to the hate-based content against a specific gender can haunt the generations of this country if not cured …

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US and Taliban to end 18-year-old Conflict

The US and Taliban have signed a “comprehensive peace agreement” to end years old war in Afghanistan. The deal is likely to give an edge to US President Donald Trump to show that he has brought troops home ahead of the US presidential election in November. The deal was signed by US …

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Will Trump Strike the Most Talked about Trade Deal with India?

After receiving a grand welcome and traditional bear hugs from Narendra Modi President of United States Mr. Donald Trump addressed a huge crowd at the Motera cricket stadium. He also acknowledged many Indian icons from history to Bollywood to cricket. “India will always hold a very special place in our hearts,” he …

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How to tackle the Urban Heat Islands?

The world was not that complex at the time when agrarian societies provided for the means of production. With the advent of technology, the modes of production got changed and now the machine work has successfully replaced the labor work, previously done by man. Prospects are always there and highly …

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