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Impacts of COVID-19 on Education Sector

The pandemic has reshaped the dynamics of education worldwide seriously challenging the status quo. All we need to do is to transform the education sector from the formal classrooms towards digitization so as to meet the requirements of education during unprecedented times. COVID-19 vaccination trial has just begun with the …

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Challenges Posed by Modern Era


Outline: Introduction What is meant by the modern era? Early modern era Late modern era 3. Some unique characteristics of the modern era Rapid industrialization The fast flow of information Emerging diversity Modern and fifth-generation warfares Advancements in technology and Artificial intelligence Increased cooperation and competition Popular culture and increased …

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Fifth Generation Warfare; Challenges for Pakistan


Outline: Introduction Generations of warfare – A brief overview First-Generation Warfare  (lines and column wars) Second Generation Warfare (rifles and gunpowder) Third Generation Warfares (tanks, artilleries, and air force) Fourth Generation Warfare (asymmetric warfare, and non-state actors) Fifth Generation Warfare (battle of perceptions and information) 3. Characteristics of fifth-generation warfare …

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Polarized Politics: The Issues And Challenges Of Democracy In Pakistan


1)- Introduction 2)- Defining Polarization of politics 3)- The situation of polarized politics in Pakistan Polarization in the name of sects religious polarization ethnic polarization cultural polarization geographical polarization social polarization economic polarization linguistic polarization 4)- Issues and challenges of Democracy in Pakistan Formation of weak central governments Politically unstable …

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Problem of Unemployment In Pakistan

Introduction Unemployment is one of the persistent social problems confronting the land of the pure. Fluctuations in the overall unemployment rate have been there but the issue has never been resolved fully by adopting innovative approach and thoughtful manhandling of the country’s huge labour force. Unemployment – An Economic Indicator …

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Socio-Economic Impacts Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Outline: 1. Introduction 2. A brief overview of the Covid-19 Pandemic Origin of COVID-19 How Covid-19 spreads? Is Covid-19 temperature-sensitive Potential treatment of COVID-19 3. Socio-economic Impacts of COVID-19 Global economic depression Income and job losses Reduction in remittances The decline in global trade Increase in food insecurity Dramatic fall …

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