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Frequently Asked Computer-related And IT Abbreviations

A ACL Access Control List AES Advanced Encryption Standard AG Access Gateway ARP Address Resolution Protocol B BRAS Broadband Remote Access Server C CESoPSN Circuit-Emulation Service over Packet Switched Network CLI Command Line Interface CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access D DBA Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DoS …

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Democracy and Illiteracy Don’t Move Together

Outline:   1. Introduction   2. Democracy and its various forms Direct democracy. Representative democracy. Constitutional democracy. Monitory democracy.   3. What is meant by illiteracy and what are its basic types? Functional illiteracy(incompetence in such basic functions as reading, writing, and mathematics) Cultural illiteracy(lack of basic information needed to …

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Classrooms Decide The Future Of The Nation


The classrooms can positively contribute towards the progressive and bright future of the nations if they’re equipped with advanced technologies, modern study material, well-behaved teachers, and a comprehensive curriculum. Classrooms are the places where students can sit calmly to focus on the subject matter. No matter which subject one is …

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How The Prolems of Indian Farmers Be Addressed? Why Indian Government Blames Pakistan As Main Reason of Farmers’ Agitation?


Prior consultation with farming associations as well as farmers’ representatives can avoid any such flashed protests that disturb the overall political environment of the capital. India is a democratic country and the democratic rights of its citizens must not be put in abeyance while doing any legislation under the pretext …

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Islam And Terrorism Are Two Different Things

Outline:          1. Introduction          2. A brief overview of Islam A complete code of life A religion of peace Teaches courtesy, kindness, affection, and patience        3. What is terrorism and what are the types of terrorism? Terrorism is the spread …

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