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Save pink Himalayan salt reserves of Pakistan


    Why Himalayan salt? Pakistan’s salt is pure as it contains 99 percent halite. Pakistani salt is pure than Indian salt as the purification cost of impure salt effects the prices. The country has salt reserves estimated at around 10billion tonnes. Global outreach Pakistan accounts for less than 1 …

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Amnesty International: Evidence of ongoing attacks in Sudan


Amnesty International in its report has shown that Sudanese government forces are still committing war crimes and serious human rights violations in Darfur. Amnesty International says in its report that recent attacks against the citizens in Darfur mainly go unreported. According to the UN, about 2 million people remain displaced …

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Digital Tax Regime in Pakistan


Speaking at the Karachi Press Club senior economist Yousaf Nazar suggested some reforms to bring the economy on the rails and ways to bring about economic stability. He said that the digital tax regime can double the tax to GDP ratio within two years. Once the tax to GDP ration …

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Is Moratorium Needed On Capital Punishment In Pakistan?

Capital punishment is still the case in many countries around the globe despite massive human rights concerns by international organizations and non-governmental firms. Though legal it is thought to denounce human rights and as a disrespectful act towards humanity. It is also known as the death sentence and is awarded …

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