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Analyze The Impact Of COVID-19 On Pakistan And Recommend Steps To Mitigate Its Effects


1)- Introduction

2)- A brief overview of COVID-19

  • Emerged from Wuhan city of China
  • COVID-19 turned into a pandemic
  • Initially entered Pakistan with the influx of pilgrims
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 and Potential Treatments
  • Different conspiracy theories about COVID-19
    3)- An analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on Pakistan

A)- Negative impacts of COVID-19

  • Shrinking of the country’s economy
  • Disruption in supply chains
  • Rapidly rising unemployment
  • Dramatic fall in tourism
  • Increase in poverty
  • Disruption in educational activities
  • Disruption in sports activities
  • A decline in air, road, and sea transportation
  • Unfavorable effects on mental as well as physical health
  • Reduction in exports due to imposed lockdowns
  • Inimical impacts on the media industry
  • Hostile impact on migrant workers
  • Increased burden on the healthcare sector
  •  Increased sufferings of older adults as well as handicapped
  • Economic hardships for the daily wagers
  • Worst impact on prisoners and law enforcement workers

B)- Positive footprints of COVID-19

  • Considerable decrease in road crimes
  • Reduction in air and noise pollution
  • The decrease in traffic-related injuries
  • Shifting priorities towards e-businesses
  • More focus on online education
  • Increased hygiene and health awareness
  • COVID-19 as an opportunity to improve the health sector

4)- Steps already taken at different levels to mitigate the impact of COVID-19

  • Cash supply to poor via Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program
  • Establishment of nationwide Corona Relief Fund
  • Rs1.2 trillion Economic Relief package to mitigate the adverse impacts of coronavirus
  • Payment of electricity bills of small businesses by government
  •  Rs75 billion relief package for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and unemployed laborers
  • Incentivized package by PM Imran Khan for the construction industry to increase employment opportunities
  • Smart lockdown policy of Government
  • Weeks long closure of the western border with Afghanistan and Iran
  • Screening of travelers
  • Weeks long suspension of court proceedings to arrest the spread of COVID-19
  • Action against the hoarders to avoid artificial food shortages
  • Ban on all public gatherings and large conferences
  • E-learning facility for school going children
  • Closure of educational institutions across the country
  • Sensitization of masses through media

5)- Recommendations for mitigating the effects of COVID-19 on Pakistan

  •  The proactive role of civil administration
  • Capacity building of National as well as Provincial Disaster Management Authorities (NDMA)
  • Increased economic opportunities for small businesses
  • Sensitizing public regarding coronavirus through media and local administration
  • Promotion of technological innovation to enhance online businesses
  • Devising of sharply focussed and meticulous policies for the online education system
  • Ensuring necessary quarantine facilities for the suspected individuals
  • Intensification of the supply of healthcare services
  • Economic and social support for the vulnerable section of people
  • Strict compliance with Coronavirus-related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPSs)
  • Timely financial support to unemployed and infected ones
  • Expediting the efforts for early preparation and availability of coronavirus vaccine
  • Rigorous measures to ensure maximum testing and contact tracing
  • Testing and quarantine of all international arrivals

6)- Conclusion



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