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After 2019 Viral Video Here Is How Hong Kong Yet Again Amazed The World

Hong Kong protests that started in June last year witnessed violent clashes between police and protestors but the latter generously managed to get applause. The huge crowd of politically charged protesters in Hong Kong received widespread admiration and appreciation for the humanitarian action.

Nearly two million people forming a black sea along roads, walkways, and train stations across Hong Kong’s financial center gathered to record their protest against the controversial extradition bill. The crowd gave way to an ambulance, reportedly, carrying a protestor who collapsed during that protests. They peacefully made way for the ambulance in an orderly manner and regrouped again.

One more time, the Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China with over 7.5 million people of various nationalities exhibited the unity of cause and commendably press a full stop button on deaths caused by COVID-19 pandemic at the time when the virus is taking a heavy toll on the lives and businesses worldwide.

Hong Kong once again seems to have given the world a reason for admiration by moving swiftly to stem the contagious disease without rigid curbs on movement.

The region has so far reported only 4 deaths. Researchers observing Hong Kong’s approach in handling the COVID-19 have found that swift surveillance, quarantine, and social distancing measures largely helped to cut the local transmission of the virus.

The city closed its international border to travelers from most countries on March 23. A 14-day-quarantine was made compulsion for those who’re still allowed to enter. Meanwhile, Hong Kong successfully relaxed pandemic restrictions without apparently having another rise in cases. The region has 1,094 confirmed coronavirus cases, 4 deaths according to Worldmeter data.

The semi-autonomous region embarked on a rigorous program of testing everyone showing symptoms of coronavirus. The positive cases were quarantined in the hospital with all their contacts traced and instructed to self-isolate.

Perhaps data-sharing, targeted testing and contact tracing on a regular basis enabled the region to dominate in better handling of COVID-19. The health authorities in the region urged the public to maintain at all times strict personal and environmental hygiene, which is key to the prevention of the disease in the community.

On a personal level, members of the public are strictly obliged to wear a surgical mask when having respiratory symptoms, taking public transport, or staying in crowded places in addition to performing hand-hygiene frequently especially before touching the mouth, nose, or eyes.

Moreover, the Government also launched the Thematic Website for announcing the latest updates on various news related to COVID-19 infection and health advice for the public facility. Hong Kong approach guides us with a way of easing the severity of the lockdown without having a resurgence in the number of patients.

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