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Afghanistan and economy – Key points on agenda of Trump-Pakistan breakthrough

Pakistani premier is on a three-day-long visit to the United States of America and he went to his maiden US trip as the chief executive of the country via commercial plane and reportedly will be staying at Pakistan’s envoy residency instead of luxury hotels citing the austerity drive by the incumbent government of PTI.

According to the findings of IPI after a day-long conference discussing the main agenda of Imran Khan’s latest visit to the US, Afghanistan and the economy were found to be the two key aspects in this regard. The recent invitation to Imran Khan looks like a part of Islamabad’s possible role in the Afghan Peace Talks as the trilateral consultations between Russia, China, and the US decided the inclusion of Pakistan into the prolonged intermittent peace talks.

Trump’s twitter approach towards Pakistan was depicting his superficial approach towards Islamabad ever since his arrival in the Oval office but the recent Trump-Imran meeting looks like an opportunity for Pakistan to break the ice.

Although much more positive expectations are not good enough especially when it comes to the US citing the cold history of discontinued US policy towards Pakistan mainly yet multilateral cooperation fronts can be explored ranging from investment, developmental projects to energy and security cooperation.

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The relations between Pakistan and the US have been of multi-lateral aspects ranging from educational, economic, and trade cooperation to cooperation in the fields of security and economic aid.

During the fiscal year 2018-2019, the total bilateral trade between the two countries exceeds $6 billion and the total US investment within Pakistan has been around $1.5 billion as documented in the recent report of IPI.

Way Forward

Pakistan must be looking for bilateral trade instead of aid as the US has given $33 billion in aid to us against its want of cooperation on security and military fronts and this has caused the loss of billions of dollars to Pakistan in terms of infrastructure, the situation of intra-national peace and loss of life especially in the scenario of war on terror thousands of military-men have laid their life to ascertain the environment of peace through operation Zarb-e-Azb.

Pakistan must also seek out negotiations with western neighbor India including the start of composite dialogue and resolution of bilateral issues between Pakistan and India. Imran Khan must highlight the continued blood bath in Kashmir as accepted and documented by the UN itself and its possible negative impacts on the security of the South Asian region.

Afghanistan is the neighboring country that shares long borders with Pakistan and to try to ensure peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan during the current breakthrough in bilateral relations, must ask for a premediated withdrawal plan accompanied by long-term economic support from the US and other parties of peace consultations for reconstruction and rehabilitation in the war-ravaged Afghanistan.

Anything favoring the anti-Iran agenda is likely to cut the nose to spite the face for Pakistan viewing the already sensitive security conditions of the region. Accepting it or not the Islamic State is taking its roots in the region and negotiations on the security front must have this on the agenda to revert the spines of growing terror.

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