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Pakistan receives over $505m from World Bank

Pakistan received over 505 million dollars from the World Bank on Tuesday under a financing agreement signed last week to provide financial support. #SBP has received USD 505.5 mn today from @WorldBank — SBP (@StateBank_Pak) July 28, 2020 The State Bank of Pakistan has announced that this is concessional financing …

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Improve Your Vocabulary

Pariah:      persona non grata, outcast Utopia:         paradise, heaven Flotilla:     fleet of ships Reincarnation:      rebirth, metempsychosis Squalid:     dirty, filthy, grubby, grimy, mucky. slummy, slumlike Stuarts: ​the name of the family of kings and queens of Scotland from 1371 to 1714. Boredom: ​the …

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Feminism Is Not Only A Third World Issue

Outline: Introduction A brief overview of feminism Meaning of feminism Different waves of feminism a)- First wave of feminism b)- Second wave of feminism c)- The third wave of Feminism 3. What is the third world? Developing countries of Asia and Africa A brief insight into the origin of the …

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China Successfully Launched Its First Red Planet Probe

China successfully launched its first Mars probe. China’s successful launch of the mission heralds new era of deep-space probes. Recent mars mission marks nation’s official start of interplanetary probe era. Photo credit: Guo Wenbin/Our Space. China successfully launched its first Mars probe, named Tianwen-1, via a Long March-5 Y4 carrier …

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NTI Ranks Pakistan As Most Improved Country In Nuclear Security

A leading non-proliferation watchdog, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), has ranked Pakistan as the most improved in the security of those countries holding nuclear materials, improving its overall score by seven points. Pakistan was the most improved country in the theft ranking for countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials, improving its overall …

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