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Democracy and Illiteracy Don’t Move Together

Outline:   1. Introduction   2. Democracy and its various forms Direct democracy. Representative democracy. Constitutional democracy. Monitory democracy.   3. What is meant by illiteracy and what are its basic types? Functional illiteracy(incompetence in such basic functions as reading, writing, and mathematics) Cultural illiteracy(lack of basic information needed to …

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One-liner of Computer Science: MS Office, Internet, and E-mail


There is no denial of the fact that the computer has now become a very important tool in daily life activities. Be it a field of education, business, e-commerce, manufacturing, navigation, transportation, security, internet-banking, problem-solving, data storage as well as communication; the use of computers is inescapable. It is really …

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Classrooms Decide The Future Of The Nation


Classrooms are the places where students can sit calmly to focus on the subject matter. No matter which subject one is going to consult; classroom is equally important, and facilitates the teaching process. The classroom provides a space where learning can take place without any outside distractions. Classrooms inject a …

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