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Narendra Modi’s War Hysteria

Keeping in view the upcoming polls in India Modi has started an anti-Pakistan campaign in an attempt to dodge public attention from the internal affairs of the country. Safe and unconditional return of Indian Force Pilot Abhinandan was a goodwill gesture of Pakistan and a move to avert the confronted …

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CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved MCQs 2018

Which monument is inscribed on the back of 5,000 note: Faisal Mosque. Simla Agreement was signed in 1972. Comrade’s editor was: Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar. Pakistan A Hard Country was written by Anatol Lieven. First Commander in Chief of Pakistan was: Frank Messervy. Who replaced Nazim-Ud-Din as Premier: Muhammad Ali …

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CSS MCQs of Islamic Studies 2018

Prayer offered at the time of Lunar eclipse is Khasoof. Number of soldiers of Kuffar during Ghazwa-e-Khandaq: Ten thousand. Heads of Zakat are mentioned in Surah Tauba. Hijrat is mentioned in which surah: Surah Anfaal. Quba is distant from Madina: 3miles. Nabi means the one who gives news. Spoken son …

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Solved MCQs of Islamic Studies CSS Exam 2019

Which Prayer is offered during the time of war: Salat-e-Khauf. The Holy Book Zaboor was revealed on the Prophet: Hazrat Dawood (A.S.). Shirk is called as Zulm-e-Azeem- the most brutal sin. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed his last Hajj in 10AH. Ghazwa-e-Tabook was the last Ghazwa participated by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). …

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