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A Brief Review of International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court is an intergovernmental organization and Hague based court of law. 123 countries are a party to the International Criminal Court. Rome Statute: Rome Statute is a multilateral treaty that serves as a foundation document of ICC. The states who ratify the Roam Statute ultimately become a party …

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ICJ Decides in Chagos Island Case

Britain should quickly give up the control of archipelago that is claimed by Mauritius, the International Court of Justice ruled this Monday. Although the court’s decision isn’t binding but carries high symbolic importance as it was tasked by the UNGA to give its view on the row between the London …

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Judicial Activism in Pakistan or malfunction of administration

We often come across the panacea of prevailing judicial review and activism and its spillover effects on credibility and people’s trust in democracy. It may be true that judicial activism is an act of interference in handling of affairs by government departments but the malfunction of administrative departments whether political, …

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