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‘Plight’ Or ‘Persecution’ At Thar

Thar – the desert region that encompasses both India and Pakistan has 25 percent of its land in Pakistan. Thar has considerably low rainfall and water tables of Thar are consistently decreasing thereof. The Thar water is full of waterborne bacteria and other contaminations; fluorine and arsenic being notable of …

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Nobel Peace Prize Timeline since 2008


2008 Nobel peace prize winner: Martti Ahtisaari (Finland) 2009 Nobel peace prize winner: Barack Obama (United States of America) 2010 Nobel peace prize winner: Liu Xiaobo (China) 2011 Nobel peace prize winner: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia) Leymah Gbowee (Liberia) Tawakkol Karman (Yemen) 2012 Nobel peace prize winner: European Union 2013 …

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The New Kilogram Approved

The international system of measurements has revised the definition of the kilogram and other key units. During a meeting at Versailles in France, countries have voted to approve the wide-ranging changes that corroborate vital human activities like trade and scientific innovation. The notable change was the revision of ‘Kilo’ – …

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Ranveer – Deepika Wedding Pictures are Out:

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone tied a knot this Wednesday as per konkani traditions in Italy. The six years long love story has finally culminated into a ‘happily ever after’. The function was attended by close circle of family and friends. The pictures of wedding ceremony are shared by Deepika …

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World’s First Quantum Compass Build

UK scientists have built the world’s first quantum compass, a device that doesn’t rely on global positioning system (GPS). The project was funded by United Kingdom’s Ministry of defence (MoD). This compass can pinpoint the exact location of anything on Earth in a way that can’t be interfered with. The …

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China’s Incredibly Hot Artificial Sun

China’s nuclear scientists have designed an artificial sun that replicates the Sun’s fusion process. This artificial sun is approaching the highest temperatures up to 100 million degrees Celsius – A temperature at which it’s possible to force the charged deuterium and tritium particles for the fusion reaction. Usually, these particles …

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Polio and Pakistan

The number of reported polio cases in 2018 is 8 in Pakistan and the number of reported cases in neighbouring Afghanistan is 22 as per figures indicated by the World Health Organisation. Afghanistan and Nigeria are still endemic with the polioviruses but WHO figures show the gruesome situation for Pakistan. …

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‘Bad’ Tour Jackson’s Jacket Sold at Auction:

Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ Jacket – one of the late singer’s most iconic costume after his red and black ‘Thriller’ jacket that was auctioned in 2011. Bad jacket was sold by the Texas business figure Milton Verret along with hundreds of other items from his memorable ‘Rock & Roll’ collection. The …

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UN General Assembly

UN General Assembly is one of the six principal organs of the United States. Members of UN General Assembly: There are 192 member states of the United Nations and all members of the United Nations are the members of the General Assembly. General Assembly Annual Session: The General Assembly currently meets under its president or secretary-general in …

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