PM Imran Khan Calls For Criminalizing Blasphemy In The West

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for Muslim-majority countries to band together to lobby Western governments to criminalise the insulting of Islam’s prophet. In a televised address to the nation, Khan said he would lead a campaign of Muslim-majority countries to convince the Western countries on the issue of …

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An Army Personnel Shots Himself Dead?

An Indian army man has allegedly committed suicide in the Ukhral area of Ramban district in Jammu and Kashmir during the intervening night of Saturday-Sunday. KDC News Agency reported that an army man of 22 RR identified as Hanomaan Choudhary shoots himself dead with his service rifle in the camp …

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Why Poverty Is A Political Choice?


There is a famous quote that explains so well why poverty is a political choice which says: “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake.” Poverty is actually a condition in which a person or community lacks the resources and essentials for a minimum standard …

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